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One Mama, One Hero, One Main Mission–sending support to our troops and their families, at home and abroad.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit group dedicated to supporting our troops, our veterans and their families.  Initially a group of military mamas, this has grown to be so much more!  We are from all branches, all walks of life and phases of service.  Whether you love someone in training to serve, currently serving or having served in the past, our mission is to support both the service member and you. 


With cards, letters, and packages filled with love for our trainees and active duty service members.  With cards and letters to family members or veterans struggling.  We also seek to meet tangible needs (especially for our homeless veterans).  We have completed hundreds and hundreds of missions as varied as our members are.  Whether it’s scarves for our veterans with a handwritten note attached, boxes of coffee and hygiene supplies for our deployed, or personally delivered flowers to a wife on behalf of a deployed service member, we value the personal touch.  Our goal is to either network to a solution or create one.  From the time you join our Facebook group, you are family. 

Educating the Public

In the past year, mamas from all over the country have spent time sharing their stories.  Our mission:  paint a picture of what it is like to love someone who serves, or who served.  Sometimes the stories can be found in our Wife Life tab; sometimes in magazines and media interviews.  We hold the highest respect for our branches of service, but at the same time we know there are stories that need to be told if the civilian population can begin to understand what it is like to love someone who serves or served.  Often the topics we discuss bring tears:  sometimes of pride; sometimes of heartbreak. Explore our website to see the many missions we have completed and which current missions you may be able to help with.  If you believe in our mission, consider partnering with us financially by clicking on the donate button.


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Supporting Our Families

Early in the history of MMN, we received a letter describing what it was like for our Major, a doctor, to be away from home. She had small children who were growing so quickly and she was missing much of it.  Her letter candidly shared some of the heartache the family member serving feels while away. This doctor asked if we could send a little mama love to her family, from her. And so we did…and with that simple request, the direction of MMN was expanded.

We seek to assist families in a number of ways: Cards to those struggling with their loved one’s decision to serve; flowers for special events and hospitalizations; and answers. We prioritize networking with other organizations we have found to be helpful to our family members, and if we can’t find a solution already out there, we create our own.

Our Facebook group is a no drama zone filled with encouragement, shared excitement and fear. We have cultivated an atmosphere that minimizes the anxiety, drama and conflict often found on military family pages.

We pride ourselves on rapid response for family support, whether it’s arranging for clothes to be send from all over the country for families in desperate need; or arranging for school supplies for families in financial crisis; or our highest priority: providing emergency funds for families with small children in medical crisis. We have done this for more than two years and will continue to do it for as long as we have the funds to make it possible.

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Supporting Our Troops

Our main mission is twofold: support our troops and support our troops’ families. Our priorities in support of our troops is sending, as we say, “a little mama love”–a tangible reminder that they are remembered stateside. With every box, we include handwritten and homemade items to enhance the morale of our troops by receiving something with their name not preprinted. It is the first indication to our recipient that this isn’t an ordinary box.

We hope to improve the well-being of our troops worldwide by seeking, receiving, and shipping to the front lines care boxes containing items specifically requested by the deployed troops. This is especially important outside the established holidays. We also export distinctly American holidays such as Easter, Christmas and 4th of July.

How You Can Help: You can choose to buy and ship items to us (and we will ensure your package gets to the troops), or, you can donate via our donation page to help us ship goods over. Your donation and support helps America’s troops. Who are these “troops”? They are your and our neighbors who have been deployed. If you are not sending boxes, but want to support the program, donations help pay for shipping costs and other expenses connected to shipping care packages worldwide. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and your donation is tax deductible.

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Honoring Those Who Served

As MMN grows, we become aware of new areas of need. We found we had several Veterans in need of encouragement during critical medical treatment. Our mission expanded at that point to the support of our beloved Veterans. Cards, prayers, encouraging messages sent to these men and women who have served our country and now were in need of our support.

Ever evolving as need dictates, we have supplied homeless shelters, Veteran group homes and sadly those living in unacceptable conditions. Supplying what’s needed, warmth and nourishment, but most of all a sense that someone cares and we are forever in their debt for their service to our country.

Educating our members is a key component, especially in Veteran issues. Sharing information, offering direction, support and how to advocate is a crucial aspect sometimes lacking in the post military members life. We’ve hugged, cried and cared for our Veterans, all ages, all branches…as we often say, MMN supports all our Military and their family from cradle to the grave.

See our Fallen Friday Honor Wall