2016 Fallen Friday Honor Wall

Our thanks to Cari, who has taken on the difficult honor of helping us honor our fallen service members.  We have done our very best to be as accurate as possible in our Fallen Friday roll call.  We are still in the process of creating this year’s Fallen Friday Honor Wall due to a computer crash, where we lost a great deal of our Fallen.  If you find an error or omission, please email 

with the correct information.


Joel Costa- Army

Kiara Apparicio 19- Army


Darren Mitchell 21- Army

Connor McQuagge 19- Navy


Pfc Matthew Sacilowski 22-Marine

Wesley Rothbauer 23- Navy

Justin Mumy- Navy

Spc Louis Moua 26- Army

Spc. Dhaifal Ali 34- Army

Spc Iris Armstrong 24- Air Force

Halex Hale 24- Air Force

Pvt 1st Class Kadontre Akeem Nelson-Army

Spc. Kyle Gantt 30- Army

1st Lt. Anais A. Tobar- Air Force

Tristan Segrest- Army

Spc. Wade Wright 20- Army

2nd Lt Michael Parros 21- Army

Spc Matthew Hester- Army

Staff Sgt. Charles Judge Jr. 40-Army

Sgt. Johnathan Prins 29- Army

Nickolas Atkinson 21- Navy

Brandon Stamm 20- Army


Sgt. Michael Andrew Tooley 28-Marines

Major Sterling “Stranger” Norton- Marines

Sgt. 1st Class Clayton Hughes 35-Army

Maj Gen John Rossi 55-Army

Jeremy Boggs 21-Army

Nathan Burkman 21-Army

Pfc Luis Ortiz-Army

Sgt. Jacqueline Anderson 26- Army

Spc Logan Ellis Rainwater 24- Army

Staff Sgt. Christopher Wilburn 36- Army

Spc Jesus Rios 22- Army

Spc Allen Cox Jr. 19- Army

Airman 1st Class Rhianda Dillard 20- AF

Staff Sgt. Matthew Thompson 28-Army

Sgt. Andrea Rasmussen 30-Army

Spc. Dion Shannon Servant 24- Army

Pvt. Devonte Chambers 22-Army


Johnathan Duran-Navy

Staff Sgt. Avonye John Caron 26- Army

CWO Brian Keith Pickney 48- Army

Johnathan Christopher Bright- Navy

Aaron Dominique Buford Navy

Joseph Trevor Dilger- Army

Capt. Benjamin Blaylock 39-Army

Zachary Ewing 24-Army

Pfc Stacy Jordan Hardy-Army

Brandon Jackson-WP Cadet

First Lt. Jeffrey Cooper 25- Army

Marstratton Gordon 23- Army

Carlos Pankau 23- Navy

Christopher Harrison 16-JROTC

Sgt. Timothy Hovey 27-Army

Spc. Travis J. Powell 26-Army

ABM Devon Faulkner 24-Navy

Airman 1st Class Ian Wendland 19-AF

2nd Lt. Andrew Hunt 23-AF

Pvt. Nathan Joshua Berg 20-Army

Spc. Matthew Roland 23-Army

Pfc Taylor Lee Odom- Army

WO Travis Tamayo 32-Army

Najee Williams- Marine

Carlos Segona 19- Marine

First Sgt. Lafonte Bennett 34-Army

Alfred Komlev 19-Army

Spc. Mollie mahowald 24-Army

Gene Wilder 83- Army Medic 1953-1956 and Hollywood Actor


Sfc Zachary a. Bannister 33-Army

Pfc. Kyle J. Walls 21- Army

Sgt James Morrison 28-Army

Spc Tyler Christian White 21-Army

CPO Jason Finan 34- Navy

Sgt. Douglas Riney 26- Army

Gordon FlaggIII- Marines

Morgan Brooke Blackmon 21- Air Force

Airman first class Isaac Colligan 21-AF

Airman first class Nathan Wilson-Ross 21-AF


Spc Phillip Cruz-medellin 21- Army

Sgt. John Perry 30-Army

Pfc Tyler Lubelt 20- Army

Spc. Ronald Murray Jr. 23-Army

Pvt Dakota Stump 19-Army

Capt Andrew Byers 30- Army

Sgt First class Ryan Gloyer 34-Army

Staff Sgt. David Whitcher 30- Army

Sgt Renardo Deshun Dukes 26-Army

Staff Sgt. Matthew Lewellen 27- Army

Staff Sgt. Kevin McEnroe 30-Army

Staff Sgt. James Moriarity 27- Army

Michael Raether 25- Navy

Staff Sgt. Donisha Stroman 25-Army

Zachary Boland 18-Marines


Dustin Lee Mortenson 32-Army

Lucas Maurice Lowe 33-Army

Pvt.Paige Elizabeth Briles 21- Army

Lt. Benjamin Fredrick 33- Navy


James Beavers – Army (Indiana)

Lisa Akbari – Army

Arnold Fugate – Army (Indiana)

Walter Malar –  Navy (Staten Island, NY)

Sgt Eden Pearl – Marines (Texas)

Michael D. Shanks – Marines (Ohio)

Elizabeth Laird “the Hug Lady”  (Texas)