Birthday Mission, prelaunch

Grab your box of tissues and start reading about my birthday mission.

Saturday a mom approached me about delivering cakes to her son in tech school which I wanted to do. And THAT was the last simple thing that happened.

His two favorite cakes she couldn’t order online, so she sent me money  to order them (plus some extra to donate to MMN)  The hunt was on to find these cakes.


I called at least 10 different stores to find both of these cakes and visited 4 stores to be able to buy them both. I spent over 2 hours driving around town finding them. My toddlers kept asking to eat the cake and if they weren’t so hard to find, I may have had let them. Ha!

Slight Snafu

I got to the base no problem but then I stopped a random Airman and found out the address the mom had was to his post office box not to his building. By the way he was so polite and helpful, y’all are raising them right.

His mom had to call him and ruin the surprise which I felt bad about. He came out to the parking lot so I didn’t have to wake up 3 toddlers. I was exhausted.

Mission Accomplished

Then after presenting the cakes and telling him happy birthday, he smiling the whole entire time, he looks at me and goes “I have no idea what’s going on”. That just made me tear up. He was so surprised and you could just tell so happy.

Today’s cake hunt was worth it because this Airman got a birthday surprise that he was just so appreciative for.

His mama got the video of it all but I just wanted to share the picture with you.

From his mama:

Special thanks to Catherine Mirelez and her lovely and beautiful kids for connecting me and my son on his Birthday! Catherine, you are a God-sent angel to me and my son! You have had connected me to my son on his special day. The video that you sent me literally made me cry (a great tears of joy).

This was his first time away from me and first time of not celebrating his birthday with us! You made him happy! You made me happy! I salute you for your great kindness and having a big heart! I actually have prayed for this and it’s a God-answered prayer! You are indeed God’s instrument!

You are an amazing Mom, wife, and friend! You are a great example and role model not only to your children but also to everyone! I do appreciate all of your time and effort to make it happen! I can’t thank you enough! I’m so thankful to God he sent you to us! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Btw: You’re beautiful inside and out and your children are so beautiful too! I fell in love with your family! Kindhearted family! Hugs and kisses to you all! I wish to meet you all someday!

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