The response I get a lot of when I mention I’m married to a service member is “awh you must move a lot”. Insert my kind smile and nodding. Sometimes people just don’t know what to say so they say something incredibly annoying.

Let’s talk about how much I love PCSing or moving for all you not in the acronym business.

1. The movers will always be late, won’t pack your precious dishes correctly, and spell your last name wrong on every single box.

My last name is Mirelez but once we moved and it was spelled: Mireles, Morelez, Morales, Moroles. I can keep going but it just hurts. I had to go back to over 100 boxes and rewrite our last name because yes that matters. I also has to verify our number on every single box as it was going onto the truck.

Who doesn't like living in a box maze?
Who doesn’t like living in a box maze?

My only wedding gift I got was 12 dollar per piece wine glasses. I barely use them they are more for when fancy people come over. I’m more of “if I’m gonna drink, I want a plastic cup that I can’t break” type drinker. And they just wrapped them up with the equivalent to newspaper and tossed it in the box with plates. I hyperventilated every single time I thought of them until I unwrapped and saw the damage.

Because more boxes
Because more boxes

It goes faster to just pack your own stuff and just hire friends to load up the truck. You will also have less grey hair.

2. Pay someone to clean your house after the move out.

You just survived the packers from the underworld, the movers just left after shoveling all your possessions on a truck, your children are whining because their favorite toys are packed even though you left out a suitcase full of stuff, and you stand in the middle of your house and realize you still need to clean.

I had to sneak the USC sign in a box
I had to sneak the USC sign in a box

Hire someone. Don’t do it with friends. Go out drinking with those friends and pay someone to clean. Spending money through PCS season will be the only way to save your sanity.

3. You are gonna leave something important on the truck.

That birth certificate that you need to enroll your kid into school? On the truck. Your military ID that you need to get on and off the base because your husband went ahead and moved before you? DEFINITELY on the truck. But you know what’s not on it, your 3 year collection of bath and body works lotion and liquor collection because the company refused to pack anything liquid.

Lotion up and liquor down.

4. Meeting new people is horrible.

You have to do the small talk, gauge if your new neighbor is gonna rock the next 3 years or not, find your group of people. I’m personally a semi hippie but I don’t judge people for not wanting to save the environment. It’s hard for me to find alcoholic hippies who eat steaks while binge watching Pretty Little Liars. It’s a small breed of us.

Smile through it though. You’ll meet some of the most amazing people out there. You’ll meet women who inspire you and some that you wonder why the purge hasn’t been legalized yet.

My loves
My loves

5. If packing was miserable then wait to unpack.

Your furniture won’t fit this new house. The rooms will be too big and the kitchen too small. You will hate deep cleaning another house.

See how the bed doesn't fit?
See how the bed doesn’t fit?

“Ew. Who lives so filthy. Oh wait someone is saying that about me.”

You know that look of the house where everything looks tossed around and kinda sorta match up, yeah that’ll be your house. Unless you buy every room to overlap and match, but who has that type of time. Not me.

6. Embrace the suck.

You married someone who is a hero. They will do things most dream of. Your life is no longer yours, it’s the militaries. You can choose to marry and move and deal with it or you can let him move and live apart. Trust me it’s more fun with him.

When I finally just embraced the suck and rolled with the stupid, it got better. You’ll never understand how nice it was just to laugh it off and move on.

Cause the theme I want in my house is cardboard
Cause the theme I want in my house is cardboard

Take it from someone who has packed up and moved 8 times in 7 years, roll with it. Roll with it. Things will mess up, people will upset you, there will be tears, but you’re gonna start fresh and meet some awesome new people.

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