MilitaryMamaNetwork and how it grows…is something I am often asked. How did it begin? How did you make it grow? How do I do what you do?

The short answers used to be “I don’t know”, “We didn’t tolerate mean girl stuff”, and “You can’t; I didn’t mean to do this”

These Past Six Months

These past six months, some of the answers changed.  How MilitaryMamaNetwork started, of course has not.  How we grow has, but our values haven’t.  We still don’t tolerate mean girl stuff; we don’t allow sales on our main MilitaryMamaNetwork page; our network collaborates every waking moment; and the word about MilitaryMamaNetwork spreads.

I have spent the better part of the last six months, along with an amazing team, preparing for MilitaryMamaNetwork’s next season of serving our troops and veterans, along with their families.  I have an amazing business coach who has worked with many non-profits.  Have a business plan now, and systems, strategies and vision.  Why do we need that, you  may be asking?  Because have crossed the magic 3 year mark! Which means, we, as an entity, can apply for grants and other financial support.  Most grants require the time and effort we have invested.  REQUIRE.

MilitaryMamaNetwork View for Today

Surrounded by love and visionAnd so here I am, in my desk chair, surrounded by pix of my loves and office supplies, working on lots of business-y tasks that will help us continue to grow.  As I look up, I see “Failure is Success in Progress”, and a flag with all of our chapters highlighted; I see my grandson’s smiling face leaning against a penguin stand that reminds me of my son; a flag my dear friend Sue gave me and cards from the love of my life and my beloved niece.  I can reach to the left and drink from my mama bear cup…but WE can reach across the world.  Surround our troops and their families with the same love I feel when I glance up from my work.

We can do that. Even more than we do.  It’s going to be an exciting year filled with travel (headed to MN,  MI, IA, NY, FL and TX as of today) and HARRD work.

Do you want to join the MilitaryMamaNetwork mission?  We need you! If you can partner with us financially on a The view from heremonthly basis, we would love that! Even a dollar…if we all did that MilitaryMamaNetwork would have $90,000+ a year to complete missions with.  I realize some cannot even do a dollar a month. Would you consider signing up for our newsletter?  Or be an ambassador for MilitaryMamaNetwork?  Join our Facebook group would be a good next step if you aren’t a member already.  We need you. We need every mama and man who believes in our vision:  to step up and collaborate.  To accept their role in our mission.  To help us grow SO THAT we can reach more families and love more troops and veterans. 

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