MMN had the privilege of supporting a young Sgt (who kept his rank a secret) and his 7 battle bddies while they were in Afghanistan.  We were introduced to them via the I Am An American Soldier Facebook page.  After our initial adoption, Joshua kept in touch as we continued to send boxes to his battle buddies month.  As the months stretched on, Joshua and Geriann (MMN Founder) built an online relationship.  Joshua shared his thoughts and feelings on deployment and his little family (waiting for him back home). Geriann checked in on him and asked “in the field” questions like how cold are the showers, and what kind coffee is preferred, why servicemembers use chew (it keeps them awake) and many more.

On a routine “How are you doing” conversation, Joshua mentioned he was headed home and didn’t need any more support.  When asked what he was going to do upon coming home, he told of his dream trip to Arlington Cemetary to pay his  respects to fallen friends and to Ground Zero.  Ground Zero was a desired stop because that’s when it all started for him—he committed to himself that he would join the Army so that nothing like 9/11 could happen again.

MMN secretly began a full court press to help money for his trip.  By the time he came home, we were able to raise $2200 toward his trip, along with welcome home balloons, books for planning the trip and some fun treats for their daughter.  Between what Joshua saved and what we raised, we are able to send him on a trip befitting a returning hero.  There are more surprises in store for Joshua, but for now we have sent him his last care package from MMN.  More than 115 mamas participated in this epic adventure.

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