I joined MMN in 2017 while my daughter was in Basic Training at Ft Jackson for the Army Reserves. I was scared, confused and pretty lost in the chaos of Army life. I remember my first posts, and getting support, and how I finally felt like someone understood and I felt validated. Someone else understood my fear, loneliness, aching for my daughter to be with me again. I think being a single mom made some of my struggles more intense as I had nobody to share those feelings with. But here, I had other Mamas that I could share my feelings with, that totally got it. I cannot thank those mom’s that held me together, picked me up, dried my tears and gave me strength. Without this group, I know my journey would have been more difficult. Now through my journey, I can help other new Military Mamas navigate the same waters I have passed through. It’s such an amazing, strong, compassionate group of people here.