" I joined MMN in May 2017 looking to build more connections with other Military Moms. My son joined the Army in 2016. He left for BCT 3 weeks after high school graduation. It was a scary and extremely emotional time. I was proud but also so fearful and confused. I had been in some other support groups, but found a purpose in MMN.

The family of MMN gave me so much more by providing me a platform to get involved. It gave me a way to focus my energy on something positive and helped my heart smile again by giving back. Fallen Friday was my first love within this group. Paying it forward every Friday made me feel happy and I looked forward to it and still do. Then I grew even more and now have the privilege to lead a local chapter.

This group has brought so much fulfillment to my life and to others. As a chapter leader I get to work with others that have the same goals as me. Other Moms, family members and friends that want to say THANK YOU, that want to support and spread love to our heroes. I could not ask for anything more.