I am not sure how I found MMN. I guess it just popped up as a suggestion from another group. I wasn’t sure about joining since I am not a “real” military Mom. My daughter was engaged to her now husband when he joined the Army. I adore my son by love and I hoped I could help my daughter get through Basic, AIT-Fire Fighter training and a being a newly married military wife. The support and friendships I have through this group are amazing. There is always someone who just knows how you feel.
My next step with the group was to join in Operation Christmas Train. What a great feeling to decorate and send boxes of “stuff” to one of our deployed guys. I never did receive an acknowledgement of the box received but I can imagine the appreciation and smiles I hope I brought to him. My 6 months was finally up and I was able to join the card and Boxes group. I guess I joined at a slow time but I was still able to send out a few Boxes of Sunshine.
Well things changed in a quick minute. There was a transition within the Boxes group and I was asked to be the Moderator of the Boxes group. I wasn’t sure about it, but I agreed  I have to say I have enjoyed talking to Moms who kids need boxes and the ones who are sending out Boxes. It fills me with pride knowing I had a hand in making someone’s day brighter by just forwarding an address. This is my way of contributing even if I am not able to send boxes out myself. A knowing pride of how such a group of women and a few men can make a difference.