We have been in existence 3 years, 5 months and 1 day.  We have accomplished many things in these three years…from our first polka dot taped box, to our Thanksgiving meals for Marines yesterday, we just keep moving forward.img_8584_li

We aren’t the largest group doing what we do.  There are groups that send hundreds of boxes a week, every week.  We aren’t the longest standing group doing what we do.  There are groups that have been sending boxes for decades.

But I tell you what…I think we are the most personal.  From the time we discover you, or you discover us, you have the choice.  Be real.  Vulnerable.  Cry and laugh with us.  Give a virtual hug or fist bump.  As personal as you want to get, we meet you there.  We take our troops and veterans to our hearts too.  From training, through deployments and welcome homes and redeployments, we are there.  We remember Aaron and Greg; Patrick and Joshua.  We remember their wives and sisters and children.  We may not be there in person but we are there in heart.  That’s one of the things that sets us apart.

Joshua opening his "final care package"
Joshua opening his “final care package”

Another thing:  we don’t tolerate drama or mean-spirited behavior.  We don’t discuss politics.  But we will discuss our local veterans needs.  How to fold a flag and honor the fallen at a holiday meal.  We will discuss how to support the Commander-in-Chief, regardless of how we voted…or if we voted.  We will discuss cards and boxes and scarf drives. Our kids and grandkids and nieces/nephews/siblings.  We discuss a lot. Share a lot.  Do a lot.

Stella gets it

Even as we celebrate our  14,000th member, we have added 8 more.  We are planning for 2017.  One of our big efforts will be to develop a base on monthly financial supporters.   I was our first to sign up.  Will you join me on the mission?  Whether it’s $1.00 or $100.oo, every donation matters to us.  Help us continue to do amazing missions in 2017.  Click on this link and complete the form! It’s easy.   I’ll donate monthly

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