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So some awesome person from this group has been sending my daughter stuff while she is deployed . I didn’t get to talk to her very long so not many details but she received homemade cookies & she said she has emailed her . I want to thank you , so sweet I will get your name when I can & thank you proper . So if you have sent cookies to a sailor on the USS Ronald Reagan . Thank you!

I cannot thank you enough for your giving heart and willingness to send me
such an awesome gift! It is so nice to open a box out here and see all of the
goodies! 🙂
I am part of the Maintenance Squadron working as the Security Manager. I issue
line badges to all troops, work with all security items and work heavily with
the Maintenance Commander out on the flight line and with the Maintenance
Group. It’s been both rewarding and stressful but the opportunities I’ve
already gotten, I will never forget.
Truly I am so grateful! Now that the holidays are rolling around, its getting
harder and harder on the troops all around the base and in the Maintenance
Group. We have been trying to get into the holiday spirit with Halloween,
Thanksgiving & Christmas just around the corner. Most of us will miss the
holidays with our families, so anything that gives us an extra boost is
greatly appreciated.
Again I cannot thank Military Mama’s enough, we are truly blessed to have such
supportive mamas in our corner cheering us on!