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It’s always great to share an email received; this one is from one of the female soldiers we send boxes to. If you are interested in joining the effort, just let us know. With your help, we can do more!   Click on support our troops or the donate button to help.
I cannot thank you enough for your giving heart and willingness to send me such an awesome gift! It is so nice to open a box out here and see all of the goodies! 🙂
I am part of the Maintenance Squadron working as the Security Manager. I issue line badges to all troops, work with all security items and work heavily with the Maintenance Commander out on the flight line and with the Maintenance Group. It’s been both rewarding and stressful but the opportunities I’ve already gotten, I will never forget.
Truly I am so grateful! Now that the holidays are rolling around, its getting harder and harder on the troops all around the base and in the Maintenance Group. We have been trying to get into the holiday spirit with Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas just around the corner. Most of us will miss the holidays with our families, so anything that gives us an extra boost is greatly appreciated.
Keurig donated a Keurig coffee maker to us, however we do not have a lot of  K-Cups anymore. K-Cups in any flavor would be awesome as well as Styrofoam cups. Everyone loves Beef Jerky, slim Jims, Mike-in-Ikes & Starburst in our area.
Again I cannot thank Military Mama’s enough, we are truly blessed to have such supportive mamas in our corner cheering us on!