It is our 25th Wedding anniversary today. One year ago, deployment wasn’t even in the horizon. Three months later he left on his first deployment (he has only been in 8 years now).
I know it is hitting him more than me, because I at least got to go out with a friend to celebrate. This is a family photo from Send off Ceremony. All our shirts say “Proud (Wife/Daughter/Son) of a Soldier- Freedom is never free.”

PS. A/C should be fixed now, but now I have two cars with yellow check engine lights on them.

Our OLD A/C broke. Took 16 days in a huge heat wave before the new one was installed.

Meanwhile, the toilet leaked on a long holiday. The day the toilet was fixed, my computer had ransomware on it. A/C finally installed the next day but wasn’t workign right. Meanwhile send 2 kids to work at a camp all summer, then go on a 12 hour drive to a wedding. Met a new friend and really enjoyed touring Baltimore- a dream of mine. Then drove back to TWO cars with yellow check engine lights.  The next day A/C came and I think the new machine is working properly now. One car cost $700 for the yellow light, but the other should be under $100.

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