One in ten homeless are veterans? This translates to almost 48,000 veterans in America. 48,000 people who have chosen to sacrifice for us; who have served their country (most of which served in times of war), and have no home.

What can you do? Partner with us or another veteran organization this fall and winter.

  • Sponsor a towel and toiletries drive in conjunction with your school, scout, church or civic organization.
  • Give gifts to a homeless shelter instead of each other.
  • Have a Christmas party and ask for donations for your homeless shelter or veterans assistance organization.
  • Donate cash to us or another veteran agency with an excellent charity rating.
  • If you’d like to sponsor a towel and toiletry packet through us, use the donate button found at the top of your screen. $10 will get a towel, new toothbrush and tube of toothpaste for a veteran. 100{9ffa98477ad9ae5230ceaf88023fa42cd91068973d6dcf54237a48e4b0f07a7d} of what we receive will go to veterans in need. 
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