Encourage Someone Today

but I believe people are more good than bad; more generous than selfish; more giving than taking. I have a Board member who argues that point with me sometimes. But in the end, he (sometimes) says that I’ve restored his faith in humanity. If you’ve ever watched the 7th Sign (not one of the best movies in cinematic history, but lots of lessons in the viewing of that movie), at the end the Hall of Souls is refilled. Because of one unselfish act, the future of humanity is reset. Yes, it’s fiction. But within that story, I believe there is truth. WE fill the Hall of Souls, Or refill someone else’s heart. Give them a boost of self confidence. A smile. A moment of appreciation.

There are so many ways you can encourage someone

Virtually encourage anotherI, admittedly, am a Facebook gal. I’m trying to be a twitter/LinkedIn kind of person, because I know we don’t all move in the same lanes. I started a movement, and I’d like you to join me. Find someone in your business dealings to encourage…you may start a movement of your own.  Find people in your life who you want to encourage.  Face to face is best; but if distance is an issue like it is for many of us, use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.  Use LinkedIn messaging to encourage a business associate.

How does this apply to being a MilitaryMama?

Be EncouragingWhat does this have to do with being a military mama?  Everything.  We encouraged our kids as they were growing up, encouraged them through training, encouraged them as they landed in YET another new place.  Some of us encouraged our daughters to take up “boy” roles and some of us had our sons join cheerleading or purchase a pink camera.  We knew then, and we know now, that it is IMPERATIVE to be our own people.  Carve our own path.  Not alone, but with our distinct identity, not based on gender but based on dreams and gifts and talents.

We encourage mamas that they, too, will survive training.  That their lives are bigger than the good-byes.  We encourage them to join a team, get fit, be accountable, or get healthier financially.

Who are you encouraging today?  Choose one person a day and tell them you see them.  Tell them WHAT you see about them and how you want to encourage them.  If you know someone who needs encouragement, currently serving or a veteran, we would be honored to send them a card! Click on our card link and complete the form.  We will do the rest!  Or maybe you know a military mama who needs a tribe who gets her and will encourage her.  Have her join our Facebook group and let’s see what we can do!

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