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I’ve heard it for my entire life. But spending a week there, I can definitely say the hearts of Texans are huge. Welcoming. Committed. Wholly supportive of America and its values. We drove from Dallas (after delicious meal at Gloria’s), to Midlothian, to Houston, to San Antonio, back to Midlothian, to Dallas.  You get the idea.  We put some miles on.

Helping out with Midlothian Heroes Oktoberfest was humbling. From the tragic loss of a dear high school friend, five people have used that loss as a catalyst to do amazing things. Starting with helping his widow, they have reached out to all their local heroes. They assist families of those with critical needs. Like our Shane who broke his neck: they jumped in with financial assistance so Shane’s family could focus on healing.  The Foundation provides scholarships now; something I am sure they didn’t expect to be doing three years ago.   And they quietly go about moving mountains and appreciating local heroes.

Meeting the army of people who showed up to help, working alongside the fire department, listening to stories from veterans and first responders was the most humbling part of the day.  Sharing dreams and challlenged with children and dear friends…such a great trip!

One of the most precious people I met that day was Stella.  A quiet little girl, she set about making a card for our service member.  Head bowed, and markers interlaced in her fingers, she worked and worked.  Her little brother, Sammy, whipped out an adorable card, while America (the baby) kicked in the car seat and brought the definition of adorable to a new level.  And finally Stella was done.  The pictures tell the whole story…

Stella gets it

Another little cutie stopped by, Kylie was just off her Wee pageant win.  She was anxious to help and cooperative for pictures, but when I asked her if she’d like a shirt like I was wearing (a blinged out MMN shirt), she sized me up and said “Nope” and went back to it.  Her honesty only added to her cute factor.  Even at 3, she knew that stopping to support our troops was important.  I predict this little patriot will go far!