2013-06-22 20.58.47I can’t believe it’s been three years since I inadvertently launched Military Mama Network…a backyard BBQ to help a soldier and his dog has morphed into a nationwide collaboration between 13,000 “mamas and men”, with one main mission:  send love to our troops and their families.

We have helped bring fallen warrior home, helped send their families to them when injured.  We have sent cards to trainees, veterans and struggling family members.  Exporting holidays has become our norm and we have lost track of all the boxes we have sent.

Stranded troops have been sheltered, fed, and sent on their way with the thanks of a grateful nation.

We have launched almost 100 chapters across the country, with one goal:  to connect families of service members and help serve our country’s warriors (past and present).

We have learned about OPSEC, PERSEC and the branches of service.  We have supported 5K’s for wounded, brought attention to veteran issues.

There have been challenging times as well:  lost heroes and our youngest service members have fallen.  We have wept with the families, stood with them and honored our fallen in flag lines.  We, as a board, have evolved and learned many, many things.  We launched a twitter account (@MilitaryMamaNet), Instagram (MilitaryMamanNetwork) and multiple Facebook pages to accommodate the needs of our “mamas and men”.  We will continue to grow, I am sure.  Continue to learn, as we are able.  More than anything, we will continue to serve:  those who serve and their families as well as our beloved veterans.

If you have time, we have cards and letters to send, good thoughts to share and much more.  If you have resources, connections and the ability, we have many projects to support our troops.  Join us on Facebook or complete the contact information.  We can always use more mama’s and men to complete our mission!


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