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KYB (カヤバ) NEW SR 1台分セット SPECIAL 1台分セット フロント品番:NST5126R NEW クナイプ/NST5126L*各1本,リア品番:NSG9134*2本 ミツビシ ランサー/ミラージュ CA3A 1994/09~1994/09 KYB [自動車 サスペンション ]【キャッシュレス5%還元】:ホームセンターセブンカヤバ NEW SR SPECIAL 1台分セット

    Move better - Feel better
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Want To Move Freely and Without Pain with the Body Mobility Video Tutorials?
カヤバ NEW SR SPECIAL 1台分セット。KYB (カヤバ) NEW SR SPECIAL 1台分セット フロント品番:NST5126R/NST5126L*各1本,リア品番:NSG9134*2本 ミツビシ ランサー/ミラージュ CA3A 1994/09~1994/09 KYB [自動車 サスペンション ]【キャッシュレス5%還元】 Yes, Teach Me How
Kardia Eracleous
Personal Trainer and AMN Practitioner
Lucy Georgiou
“Shocked to feel no pain after just one session!”
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Leni Nicolaou
“She’s helped me with my sleep which has immensely improved my quality of life.”

I was introduced to Kardia after suffering with hip joint pains for 3 years. I had previously tried numerous sessions of physiotherapy at the hospital, as well as receiving steroid injections for the pain. My doctor had advised that the only option I had left was to undergo surgery for a hip replacement, which I felt was too extreme given my age (27). Kardia’s treatment was different from the traditional methods which I had tried, however I wanted to explore all the options of pain relief available. She made me feel at ease and comfortable with her, which I liked. After two sessions with Kardia, my hip felt significantly better and the ease of movement had returned. She also worked on my finger joints which have now stopped clicking, this was also a problem that had plagued me for years.  I would recommend being treated by Kardia to everyone, as her therapy sessions really work!”

Alexie Stone-Peter
“Kardia is genuinely interested in helping you and I can’t recommed her highly enough”
Lorna Stone
What does a session look like?

My work focuses on improving the communication between your brain and body.

The relationship between these two big players can sometimes break down, and these poor communications will impact how your body feels and slow down the speed of any recovery you may be going through.

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Through my studies with the Academy of Applied Movement Neurology (AMN), I’m able to ‘evaluate and modulate neurological and bioelectrical circuits’. This results in highly effective results when it comes to:

  • All joint pain.
  • Back pain
  • Feeling of injury and pain.
  • Movement restrictions.
  • Balance.
  • Dizziness.
  • Coordination.
  • Loss of sensation.
  • Jaw issues.
  • Tightness.
  • Sleep issues.

For your body to function well and heal, it needs to be able to communicate with itself - AMN can help repair this dialogue.

Like any good relationship in life, good communication is key!

Combining Personal Training with Functional Neurology & AMN

What sets me apart from other trainers is my AMN skill set. I’ve learned how to interact with your body. I question the deeper systems through touching specific reflex points around your head and body.

It’s something thats needs to be experienced to really make sense of.

My aim is for your brain and deeper systems in your body to communicate as they should be, this in turn reduces compensation movement patterns, pain, and helps you to recover and become stronger.

I also utilise AMN therapy as a separate session when needed, for deep-rooted longer term physical issues you may be suffering with.

You’ll feel your body increase in strength, and any tightness and pain you’ve had will gradually improve.

KYB (カヤバ) NEW SR 1台分セット SPECIAL 1台分セット フロント品番:NST5126R NEW クナイプ/NST5126L*各1本,リア品番:NSG9134*2本 ミツビシ ランサー/ミラージュ CA3A 1994/09~1994/09 KYB [自動車 サスペンション ]【キャッシュレス5%還元】:ホームセンターセブンカヤバ NEW SR SPECIAL 1台分セット

What kind of Trainer am I?
KYB (カヤバ) NEW SR SPECIAL 1台分セット フロント品番:NST5126R/NST5126L*各1本,リア品番:NSG9134*2本 ミツビシ ランサー/ミラージュ CA3A 1994/09~1994/09 KYB [自動車 サスペンション ]【キャッシュレス5%還元】

I bring my Pt skills and AMN skills together during sessions to make sure your muscles are all firing as they should be, as this is where injuries can occur if they’re not. I’m a functional trainer, and this means it’s more about movement patterns. I’ll mostly utilise your body weight to create the resistance. This style of training crosses over perfectly to keeping you strong for your day to day life. Importantly, it’s load bearing and this is needed for building strength in your bones, joints and muscles. Your mobility, coordination, balance and core strength will always be challenged in your sessions. Doing movement patterns that garner your full attention will give you a stronger body and more robust nervous system, meaning that you’ll be less prone to injuries occurring. It’s always great to throw in some varied equipment to mix things up a bit! So I like to involve Kettle bells, Resistance bands, TRX, Mb, anything that adds variety!