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Time for what?

That may be what you are asking yourself.  Makes sense…

Last year, right about this time, we were taking applications for our Leadership Academy.  We had received an amazing grant from Facebook, linked with me being named  to the Community Leader Program.  Read about Facebook Community Leadership Program here.

Didn’t know then what a life, and community changing, program this FCLP would be.  But it was.  Through the program, I met so many gifted community leaders, so many visionaries and especially so many people just like me.  Trying to grow their impact upon a specific topic:  food fragility, mental wellness, equality for women in the workplace and other spaces in the world.

I spent HOURS pouring out my heart, mind and processes to meet the requirement of: Create a program that is meaningful to your community.  Read more here and here.

With that, the MMNLA was born:  Military Mama Network Leadership Academy

We have had one full year of the benefits of teaching our most invested mamas many topics and skills:

  • The history and culture of MMN
  • Creating impact
  • Speaking in public
  • Planning and executing meetings
  • Planning and executing local events (small and large)
  • Leading with character and integrity

Each graduate received a box, targeted for their area of leadership.  Each box had a special surprise from the Board as well as tools for success.

This year, 2020, we have big plans for MMN.  We will launch at least 2 (hoping for 3) MMNLA classes. These classes are free, taken at your convenience and only expect that upon graduating, you begin to lead in the MMN area of your choosing.

We need mamas who want to be:

Local Impact:

    • Local Ambassadors (reach your immediate area, with the goal of launching a chapter in a year)
    • Lead a Chapter (gather a monthly meeting of local supporters to create impact online and in person)


Online Impact:

    • Website Content Creators (gather, and/or create, prepare for publishing on our website, content addressing topics of interest to mamas and spouses.
    • Twitter (create and supervise content interaction for our Twitter account)
    • Pinterest (create, discover and post pins that will draw the eye of other mamas and spouses, as well as begin to sell on our Pinterest account)
    • Admin/Moderators (help us keep the culture of MMN across our most engaged groups)

Mission/Outreach Impact:

    • Box and Card Support Team (help gather, assign and communicate missions for families in need of boxes/cards.  Both teams have leaders, so you will be stepping in to support a team that is already functioning well)
    • Operation Christmas Train and Mission Elf (help gather, assign and communicate missions for families during the holiday season.  Both teams have leaders, so you will be stepping in to support a team that is already functioning well)

Sustainability Impact:

    • Fundraising Support   (help discover and implement new or known success strategies for national fundraising, as well as efforts that can be used locally)
    • Webstore Support   (help discover and implement new or known successful products for our webstore, with profitable price points)
    • Grant Writer  (research grants that MMN qualifies for, write grant proposal and submit)

Wondering what your next step is?

Complete this online application!  Follow the direction and read each question to ensure being moved on to the next step, which will come via email to the email you use in the form.