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Meet our Advisory Board

Each member was invited because they add a particular viewpoint, experience and skill set that has, and will continue to, help us grow.
Continue reading to learn more about why supporting our military is a cause close to their hearts.
Geriann Wiesbrook

My Why:

I was raised with military in my blood, literally. My parents met in the Navy. My sister joined the Navy shortly after high school and my brother went through college using his NROTC funds and commissioned as a USMC officer the day he graduated. When he deployed, I began to send him boxes so he would miss home a little less. When my nephew joined the Navy, I did the same thing. When my son joined the Army, I had to learn a whole new language but I still sent boxes. And that’s where the MilitaryMamaNetwork began.

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Paul Wiesbrook
Member at Large

My Why:

My dad served, my son serves, my wife runs this network. I approach things from a different angle, which only strengthens the network and the Board.

Chela Allison
Outreach Focus

My Why:    

My Grandfather served in the United States Army during the Korean War. My father served in the United States Army 1979 stationed in Germany as a tank mechanic. My father in law served in the United States Marine Corps in 1979-1982. I have numerous family members that have served in our United States Military.

Sue Shauer
Veterans Focus

My Why:   

My grandfather was the first person I who introduced the military to me as a child…he served in the Army during WWII, and as a Sgt. was severely wounded during the invasion of Guadalcanal. His slow recovery started in a Fijian field hospital and continued through the next 23 years of serving until he retired as a Sr. Master Sargent. Sadly, my grandfather passed away in 1990, taking with him the shrapnel he earned during the war but leaving behind a pride in me for our soldiers who serve and then quietly return, sometimes broken. My father also served our country, enlisting in the Navy with my grandmother’s approval at the age of 17. He served our country with pride from 1957-1960, but due to an antiquated regulation he falls into the void of “not” being a veteran. I have worked with my local Memorial Association honoring our local veterans and memorializing them in our beautiful veterans’ park, and am forever thankful for our veterans and all who have served. I want to help change how they our Veterans are received and represented here at home by working with our elected officials to change and upgrade our laws.

Veteran's Group