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Main Mission

Our main mission is to support our troops and their families.  We do this by providing supply boxes for deployed troops, moral support for trainees and families, recognizing and voicing appreciation for our veterans’ needs. We also provide informational and relational support for the families of troops and veterans. Over 90% of what we raise goes to our troops, veterans and their families.  10% of our funds is used for administrative, outreach and training costs for our large team of volunteers.

In addition to sending out packages and cards to our troops, we coordinate a number of local-based missions to help meet the specific needs of those serving, our veterans, and military families. Take a look at some of the unique ways we support our military.

Year Round Missions

Boxes of Love

The roots of MilitaryMamaNetwork are in sending support to trainees who didn’t have family who could support them.  While at the beginning, we sent items such as moleskin and cough drops, stamps and stationery, we have expanded to send much more.  We send to deployed troops as our top priority, but will send to stateside troops if the needs overseas have been met.  Stop by our request form to begin the process for your loved one.

Card Team

Like our early days of sending supplies to trainees, our card team has been in place since the beginning.  We send cards to trainees, deployed troops, stateside service members struggling emotionally, family members who have lost a loved one, veterans and families of those who serve.  Each card is handwritten and often handmade.  Last year, we sent over 45,000 cards.  If you know someone who needs a card, complete this form.  If you’d like to help us reach our goal of 50,000 this year, sign up for the card team.


Mark was an amazing husband and friend to many.  After his unexpected death, we committee to not only remembering him but also honoring all those who perish after serving our country.  We expanded our Fallen Friday to include veterans.  Fallen Friday is a movement we have created encouraging all who are aware to honor those who have fallen in or after serving our country.  It is a simple mission:  tell the story of those who have died during the past week.  Perform an act of service in their honor.  Share with your recipient why you are doing this, and tell them about our fallen.  Like Mark, we want our fallen to be honored for who they were and the life they lived.  Every Friday, we name our fallen and invite those who are available to participate in Fallen Friday.

Lucy’s Legacy

This special mission began with the loss of our smallest service member and has financially assisted many families in crisis since then.  We have provided gas cards, lodging, transportation for some families and respite care for others. As long as MilitaryMamaNetwork exists, we will carry Lucy in our hearts and as part of our missions to assist families in need.

Seasonal Missions


Every year, MMN “exports” uniquely American celebrations.  While the efforts to send Easter, 4th of July and Thanksgiving are big, our Christmas Train is HUGE! This 6 week project is an all hands on deck event that (it is hoped) helps make being away from home during the holidays a little easier.  For MMN, it is our way of reminding each and every service member we can reach that they are not forgotten by the folks back home.


What began as a book-gifting program from our Book Exchange, has evolved to providing Christmas to families who would otherwise not have Christmas.  Our priorities are children of deployed, children of disabled veterans and children separated from their serving parents due to training. Our first year, we sent 7 boxes.  This year we sent well over 500, to provide Christmas and warm clothing to 450+ children.  We raise money year round for this program.

Other Focused Support

Blue Monday

Military Mama Network is a strong supporter of our fallen Military members. We fully support our Gold Star Mothers, but realize there are many losses related to serving that don’t occur on the battlefield.  Early in our history, we committed to proudly wearing Blue on Monday in support of the many men and women who have served and have since died from combat and combat related injuries, PTSD, Agent Orange and other delayed illnesses, and deaths unrelated to service.  Blue Monday, increasingly involves supporting those who have lost a family member to suicide.  The numbers are staggering across the board. We are committed to having the conversation about post-service loss of life every week…not just on Memorial Day.  Join us, tell people why you wear blue, and help us continue the conversation.

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Red Friday

Military Mama Network is a strong supporter of all our military serving overseas. We designed a shirt to show support by wearing red and to educate the public that we still have military servicemen and women deployed across the globe. The R.E.D. definition is on the back of the shirt. We wear RED on Friday to honor the men and women of our country who risk their lives for our freedom, become freedom is never free.




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