two retired military officers talking on a couch
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Joplin is starting off with a bang this year. Competed with the Chief’s game yesterday, but still had a meeting. Got a lot plans in the works. (Fundraising, craft day, getting our Community Heroes involved, trip to Branson, etc).

Got a phone call today from the Mayor of one of the towns around here. He wanted me to attend a board meeting tonight with the Cemetery Association. Yes you read that right. Loralee went not knowing what to expect. It was great. Once she explained who we were it turned into a question and answer session. She left the meeting with them saying to let the Mayor know if we need anything, also left with a possible speaking engagement in another town for the (??)(can’t remember the first word) Officers Association. They are apparently a group of retired Officers who are always looking for things to get involved with.

Picture is two members talking, one had already left.