For weeks I have been trying to write…it’s been difficult.  These days our lives are bombarded by negativity, sadness, struggle.  These 3 words do not fit my make up…

My hope is to divert my thoughts today, bring my message, shake off these emotions, revitalize.



I’m a mom, my middle child my son, my Army soldier now recent Veteran.

My son Served his 3.9 and is now a student.  It’s so strange to think of a Veteran at 24, which by some accounts is older than the possible 21, 22-year-old Veterans we meet.  My son was proud to serve and we were proud of him as should be, he traveled, grew and boy so did we!

Your child suddenly departing military service is odd, it should be somehow just as emotional and ceremonial as their entrance to service, but it is not.  There is out-training of course for the member weeks of learning how to be a citizen, how to live the civilian life.  I could suggest better use of that time, different topics, but that’s another article…

And then you have a civilian child again, hopefully by the time they discharge they know their next step, school or a job. My son chose to use his 9/11 bill benefits to continue toward his college degree. The biggest suggestion I can make, and I can’t make it loud enough…encourage your child to start the paperwork for school, VA benefits, everything as early as possible!

Each hurdle takes time, and duplication, and appointments for visits and sitting and waiting.

All of this taking place at a point where your child’s life is in a state of transition…it causes worry and anxiety for them, and the same for you, throwing in a bit of fear for good measure.


The Military…

If you are reading this, I for the most part, don’t have to tell you about the sacrifice your child made, and you as family as well.  Our country continues to rely on the volunteer service of our men and woman, remember always our children willingly stood up, showed up, served and risked life and limb.  This pride we all share, and should never forget.

In a very non-political way,  let’s remember that our nation owes our children who serve…

WE owe our children, we are in debt to them 1, 25 years or a lifetime served.

And finally the point of my writing…


Veterans, our beloved Veterans

My grandfather served in WWII, was wounded during the battle of Guadalcanal but remained active duty stateside during the Korean, and the start of the Vietnam war.  He was quite a man, my father’s stepfather but the only grandfather I ever knew, a man of few words, and even fewer of his wartime service.  He spoke more of the time spent if Fiji, in hospital healing.

Do our Veterans ever heal?

My dad served in the Navy 1957-1961, my grandmother signed him into the service at 17 years old, along with his then 19 year old brother.  Oddly my dad a true veteran of service but not of any active war time was entitled to NO Veteran benefits at all.  Dad loved his time in service, he always spoke of it as one of the best times in his life, and I know he truly meant it.  He made friends, learned, grew, traveled…much like his grandson soldier.

As the Veterans Chair of Military Mama Network working with Cari Lesli our Fallen Friday Mama I see and say the names and ages of the Veteran warriors we loose each week.  I often am touched by the span of ages in some of those we lost.  2 weeks ago we lost a 103 year old Veteran and a 23 year old, the names and ages next to each other, you can not help but think…

At any point in their life did they forget their service, heal from the wounds? Did they have wounds, physical or mental? What mark did serving leave on them, their family?

As I stated above we owe our Military, we owe our Veterans and as Mother’s we owe our children, all these children 21-100 years old, your child, my child our children.

It’s time to reach out, serve our Veterans, support our Military…love your children.



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