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We are taking donations to help a United States Navy Active Duty Sailor and his family who are in desperate need of our help. This Sailor is Machinist Mate First Class Petty Officer George Rueben White; he is currently serving his country at the Torpedo Facility in Yorktown VA and has served his country for over a decade with honorable and faithful service. Petty Officer White intends to serve our country for a full 20 years career. He is not only one of the hardest working people I have ever met but honestly will do anything to help anyone at anytime. He has the biggest heart for his fellow man and full of care and compassion for all. He faced some personal medical issues over the passed 2 years that he has worked very hard at trying to overcome but he never stopped working and pushing and giving everything he has to mission success. He is now in need and this is why we are reaching out to you. Recently, the day after Christmas his wife, son and daughter were the victims in a serious car accident in Richmond VA. His wife and son suffered injuries and were admitted to the hospital, treated and discharged but still being monitored and not fully recovered. His wife cannot yet return to work and his son cannot return to school. Petty Officer White’s daughter, Satiyana Nevaeh White, only 7 years old, was brought to the hospital that day unresponsive with significant swelling of her brain. A neurological procedure was preformed to help with the swelling, but with minimal effect. She has not gotten any worse since the accident but she has not shown much improvement either. To this day this little angel is still in a coma fighting for her life. The White’s have a lot of family and friends gathered and are praying for her, and supporting in everyway possible but now needs our help. Her medical costs are currently covered by his medical insurance. The family is now without a second car and his wife cannot return to work until baby girl is better. The next step is to transfer the little girl out of state for treatment by specialist and better rehabilitation centers. Petty Officer White’s paychecks will be spread thin and will not be enough to cover all the expenses they are now incurring. I’m sharing this heartbreaking story with you to ask for your help. Petty Office has asked for prayers for his little girl and family and I am asking for him and his family anything monetarily you can spare, anything you can give to help them will go a long way. If you can help, go to the donation tab here. All proceeds for the next two weeks will go to this assist this family.