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People ask all the time:  “What do you do?  This, although above and beyond, is what we do.  We step in for mamas.  We make sure their service member or veteran is taken care of.  And we make sure mama knows it.  And then we move on to the next mission.

It all began with this:

My son is in some trouble, he is travelling from Georgia to Lejeune.
He has passed Fayetteville and he is running out of gas. There are no gas stations open n if they are they only take cash.
He has driven through floods and has barely made it through that.
The satnav sent him way out of the journey by four hours. Hence almost out of gas he is close to newton grove. If anyone is close and can help I would be so appreciative.

o Kerri    Wow, that did take him pretty far out of the way. He is about 75 miles from Jville. Can someone tag a member near LeJuene.

o Barbara     There is lots of roads flooded, closed, washed away. Electricity is out. Businesses are closed. Curfews in place. There was a huge hurricane just came through and we are now expecting a flood of historical significance.

Noni? (tagging a specific mama)  What follows is Noni and the mama’s conversation:

Noni:  Where please?? Just getting on fb..sorry Geriann Hanley Wiesbrook.. my home was flooded out so I been on cleanup duty all afternoon til just a few minutes ago. Hwy ? is closed

Lisa  Hwy ? is closed ????  I spoke on phone to gas station she said they were open

Noni  About 8miles away from I 95 Hwy ? is closed..the Shell gas station is right on i95 when he exits

o   Lisa   So he can get gas there n turn around and go back ?

Noni  Was thinking he was traveling down Hwy ? ..if he’s on 95, the gas station is right at the exit

o   Lisa   No he just wants gas

Noni  Which direction is he heading? ..let me read your comments so you won’t have to repeat..be right back..I’m not to terribly far from that gas station if he needs to go north.  The roads are closed all around us but I know tons of ways to get around. .but let me read your comments on the main post as to not have you repeat 🙂

o   Geriann   Lisa   see if they’d take a phone payment for gas

o   Lisa   Noni   thanku so much

o   Geriann   Noni   sorry! Saw pix after I tagged you. Yuck!

o   Lisa   Geriann   ?? the garage he’s trying for has gas takes cards but it means nothing if he cant get there ?

Noni  Please let me know where he is and if he’s gonna try to make it to Camp Lejeune. He’s way out of his way. Well, the navigation is taking him down Hwy ? on to Lejeune. But Hwy ?  is closed down the further he gets away from I95. He needs to come back to Exit ? to take Hwy  ?  STRAIGHT ON INTO LEJUNE.

o   Lisa     Ok thanku ill message him. Right now our biggest concern is gettin the gas before he breaks down

o   Geriann   Lisa   did you ask the garage if they’d send out a tow truck with a Gas can?

Noni      Hes good on gas 🙂

o   Lisa       I havent yet im still prayin he will make tge gas station

Noni   Where is he

o   Lisa   Noni   thank goodness

Noni  If he passed all the Fayetteville exits with 20+miles to go in the tank. He’s got plenty. But he could have gotten off at exit ?….Lisa..let him go where he knows for sure they’ll take a card

o   Lisa   Ok good . As soon as he gets to the garage n fills up ill let u know.

Noni  It’s an actual travel center 🙂 kind of a one stop shop

o   Lisa   Noni   i rang the garage myself n she said they did take cards

Noni  Ok!!

o   Lisa   I think he should buy a gas can n fill it too

Noni  If he can’t get back on Hwy ? to come back to exit ?..let me know..I’ll come have him follow me on the back roads

o   Lisa   Thanku hon

o   Lisa   Thanku all so much

Noni  Possibly… gas is getting low in Fayetteville but when he gets on hwy24, the further he gets away from Fayetteville, he’ll be ok.

Noni  No prob!! My car and home got flooded in Hurricane Matthew..I been busy cleaning out both..wish I would’ve seen this sooner..could’ve saved you the stress

o   Lisa   Bless thanku and im so sorry for u . Praps my son could call u to get directions directly

Noni  Will inbox you..

Noni  Thanks for the sentiment!

o   Lisa   Welks ?

o   Barbara   Lisa   Yes Hwy  ? is closed, flooded and washed away in many places.

o   Lisa   Barbara   oh lordy

o   Barbara   Lisa   He needs to pull over and wait for HWY patrol to help.

o   Barbara   Don’t want to alarm you but it is very serious here in NC. I have a NG friend in Goldsboro who may be able to find a NG soldier in Newton Grove to help also. But most of the Guard has been activated.




Noni  Barbara   that’s Hwy ?..someone took a drone over it…thats around the corner from my moms.  Prayerfully he’ll bunker down right there on ext58 and start tomorrow. I’d be willing to have him follow me to US ?, on back roads, in the morn

o   Lisa Day   You are so kind ithanku

Noni You’re very welcome. .no prob…

o   Christine    My brother said he needs to stop moving get off the roads in save place call high way patrol let them help it’s not safe he keeps moving we’re is he now

o   Lisa   Oh lordy ok ill be better if he makes it to the gas station at this point

o   Kimberly  Where is he at now

o   Lisa   Traffic is barely moving

o   Kimberly   So how much further does he have to go

o   Lisa   Bout a mile from exit ?

o   Mindy  Praying in Florida!

o   Lisa   Thanku x

o   Mindy  You are Welcome! They are always our babies. I cannot begin to imagine how stressed you are Mama.

o    Cindye  I’m in FL, so I can’t get to him, but I’m a night owl, so if he needs money wired to Wal Mart, or something – I’ll go! Worried about him too….

o   Lisa   Thanku so much

o   Barbara Road closings in NC. Note the box on the right side where it says to download the ReadyNC app, or call 511.

o   Lisa   Thanku i forwarded it to my son

o   Geriann Christy   for Amy

o   Christy Thanks Geriann!

o   Tabitha I wish I was closer ??

o   Lisa    . 5 miles t gas ststion n five miles in the tank

o   Lisa     Thankfully a wonderful lady called Noni has driven to the gas station to save him

o   Jana  I’m in Wisconsin but I am praying for his safety.

o   Cindye  So glad he’s got a “Mom” on her way!

o    Lisa       Oh me too this lady has been an angel

o   Heather   YES who is Noni?????

o   Heather    she’s on the group??????????

o   Lisa       Yes honnoni

Noni    Yes..since day 2..or maybe 5 or so, lol.. Fayetteville, NC Chapter Chair

o   Lisa       This wonderful lady saved my son .  Im so very greatful for all your support

o   Heather  Whaaaaaaaaaat OMG I friggin LOVE this! We are some bad Mamas!!!!!! You Go NONI!!!!

o   Christine  All us moms thank you Noni

Noni Was my honor!

o   De Anna     Thank you Noni for helping out!!! Bless you! Even when your buried in your own catastrophe you managed to pull thru for him! From your midnight admin!

o   Jana       I am almost in tears reading this. This is amazing how people can pull together like this especially in the world we live in these days.

o    Lisa       Im in tears so i know how u feel

o   Barbara Noni   — you are awesome!

Noni      You taught me well!    Any other day his name is Mr. J. .tonight his name is ; K, S,D, L (the names of my children).. and the names of all of yours!! I’d pray someone steps up and take honor in helping all our heroes! and Children. I already know all of MMN would’ve done it!

People ask all the time:  “What do you do?  This, although above and beyond, is what we do.  We step in for mamas.  We make sure their service member or veteran is taken care of.  And we make sure mama knows it.  And then we move on to the next mission.