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Welcome to Military Mama Network:  One Mama, One Hero, One Main Mission–sending support to our troops and their families, at home and abroad.

Vision Statement: Military Mama Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group dedicated to supporting our troops.  Initially a group of military mamas, this has grown to be so much more!  We are from all branches, all walks of life and phases of service. 

Whether you love someone in training to serve, currently serving or having served in the past, we seek to support both the service member and you.  How?  With cards, letters, and packages filled with love for our trainees and active duty.  With cards and letters to family members or veterans struggling, as well as tangible needs (especially for our homeless veterans). 

We have completed hundreds and hundreds of missions as varied as our members are.  Our goal is to either network to a solution or create one.  From the time you join our Facebook group, you are family. 

If you are a member of the media and on deadline, please contact  Geriann@MilitaryMamaNetwork.org.


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Geriann Wiesbrook, Founder

MMN Board of Directors

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