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Virtual 5K medalOur inaugural 5K was the brain child of Tammy Ackley, our Whittier chapter chair. Tammy is an avid runner and had been lobbying for some time to make this a MMN event.

A virtual 5K means you run in your time and space, and can even split it up over days (or weeks). You accumulate 5K in distance (walking, biking, running, canoeing, skating, wheeling, etc) and report back to the website (and our group)

The Facebook Community Leadership Program was the perfect catalyst for this event. We will be offering 5Ks every quarter, but the essence will be the same:

  • a reflection of our nation
  • representing MMN members
  • a variety of ways to move
  • all ages welcome

The sponsoring company (US Road Running) was so thrilled with our results, they extended our race for the month of July. Click here to register and participate!!