Admittedly I am no military expert. I am a wife, a mom and in those capacities I handle and fix things, hoping to help others along the way with what I have found…successes, failures anything that can aid in the maneuvering through the days we call Military Life.
Why, why is it that Military Life, active or Veteran seems filled with Struggle?

Not necessarily all negative but a struggle none the less.

A struggle to adjust, keep up, wait, comprehend, accept… the adjectives are endless. And that’s Military Life from beginning to end.  


As we all enter the Military every member of the members family accepts the uncertainty of where, how and what life will be like. The member faces the adjustment and the family follows along, not necessarily understanding the majority of the acronyms or reasons behind what is happening, but support and acceptance becomes routine.


As your Military member, or you yourself end your service to the Military it seems to again be

The listing of struggles, adjustment to your new civilian life, acceptance of what life has to offer and the challenge of finding the new you… there may be urgency if the member is younger and life needs to still meet the needs of a family, or if facing retirement there may be the sudden stop that hits the member, no more deadlines, rush or timeframe…just stop…an adjustment for sure welcome or not.

As younger members enter the Military this may be the first time away from home, away from loved ones, seasoned in travel or the first time stepping out of their hometown these younger members face so many struggles, adjusting to structure, brutal physical and mental stress, let alone the actual combat situations that they may face much sooner than anticipated.

On US soil or abroad these members face social issues they have never faced….predatory not just from the known enemy but from encounters in day to day life. Romantic relationships,

Financial “predatory” commitments, the Military tries hard to educate the member, but like all young people “not me” is all too common and mistakes are made sometimes with slow to heal or lasting scars.

As experienced Military Members leave the service Veteran life again begins abruptly, sometimes riddled with the necessity of filing forms, meeting deadlines, following rigid guidelines. All new acronyms, departments struggles, frustration and uncertainty.

The member who ends his Military career in anyway has or should have made plan A, B and C

To cover the uncertainty of what civilian life has waiting. Again the Military tries to help with this transition with exit classes…sometimes realistic, sometimes not.

Why the struggle, why does that Military Member who has volunteered to serve our Country, especially in this time of need, why is there not a better way to ease the struggle for our men and woman, sons and daughters…families? I wish I knew. What I do know is many of you, have your individual answers, solutions you have found, helpful hints…that’s why we are here!

I’ll try and continue to share my mom-isms here, what I have found in my families journey…and I encourage you to comment with what you have found, we don’t need criticisms the world is too full of that already, we are the solution minded and we will keep searching…join us!

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