MMN is a safe place for us. We can laugh, cry, pray, express and not feel judged in any way. –Nette C

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Early in the history of MMN, we received a letter describing what it was like for our Major, a doctor, to be away from home. She had small children who were growing so quickly and she was missing much of it.  Her letter candidly shared some of the heartache the family member serving feels while away. This doctor asked if we could send a little mama love to her family, from her. And so we did…and with that simple request, the direction of MMN was expanded.

We seek to assist families in a number of ways: Cards to those struggling with their loved one’s decision to serve; flowers for special events and hospitalizations; and answers. We prioritize networking with other organizations we have found to be helpful to our family members, and if we can’t find a solution already out there, we create our own.

Our Facebook group is a no drama zone filled with encouragement, shared excitement and fear. We have cultivated an atmosphere that minimizes the anxiety, drama and conflict often found on military family pages.

We pride ourselves on rapid response for family support, whether it’s arranging for clothes to be send from all over the country for families in desperate need; or arranging for school supplies for families in financial crisis; or our highest priority: providing emergency funds for families with small children in medical crisis. We have done this for more than two years and will continue to do it for as long as we have the funds to make it possible.

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For interactive support, join our Facebook Group

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