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I recently hired a business/marketing coach.  In a world where we make impact daily,  I know I can no longer  run MMN by the seat of my pants, responding to missions and requests one by one.  We have long ago outgrown that approach, and have already formulated a number of teams to address ongoing needs.  We believe in teamwork and collaboration.  I know we would lost without our amazing teams.  Did you know we have teams for:

  • Cards and boxes:  They track each request that comes in; evaluates whether it’s a onetime need or ongoing; and deploy the required number of mamas to get the job done.  On both sides of the equation, they do amazing work.  We have a team that sends cards to mamas who have lost someone…each mama will receive a card/cards for a year.  We have teams for veterans, for birthday, for holidays and a number of general teams.  We need those teams to meet the need.  Never does a week go by without box and card requests.  NEVER.
  • Social Media:  This team updates our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Page (for news and stories of note) on a daily basis.  They do an amazing job sharing our news and mission in a number of ways.  Because of their tireless work, mamas who aren’t aware of support available find us.  They connect and plug in and become involved.
  • Admin Team:  Twenty four mamas (no men) are rely on teamwork behind the scenes in our Facebook groups to make sure posts are appropriate, timely and safe.  They each signed up for one (or several) time slots to ensure MMN Facebook is safe at all times.
  • Sister Pages Team:  This group of wonderful women run sister pages with amazing grace, support and persistence.  Each mama brings her own “flavor” to the page she runs and meets the need of countless military families.  Some examples of our sister pages:
    • Accountability (for getting things done)
    • MMN <3 Veterans
    • Challenges and Early Discharge
    • Stress Page
    • MILSO (wives of those serving)
    • Local chapter pages
  • Our team of “one hit wonders”:  people who singlehandedly oversee major missions:
    • Kerri T runs Operation Christmas Train, our mission to export holidays
    • Cynthia V creates order where administrative chaos was, including overseeing our e-news
    • Krissy W runs our sales and national fundraising efforts
    • Beth H coaches those who are interested in launching local chapters
    • Aaron W holds the tech end of things together for MMN, sharing wisdom, expertise and support
  • Website Content team:  These amazing people share their perspective on life as a military supporter
  • Our National Board:  Each of whom bring a unique and valuable perspective to decision making
  • And so so many more

I hope you can see this has long been a huge collaborative effort!  I know we are headed into a season of even MORE activity and growth.  And so I work on the business plan; prepare for the grants we will apply for; and so much more.  The view from my world these days is filled with the split view of where we have come, where we will go and the impact of teamwork and collaboration.

We do so much, and move rapidly on to the next mission.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to stop, reflect on the amazing teamwork we have developed, and plan for future teams.  Sometimes I am so focused on what is the immediate next (who needs us, what crisis have we been asked to help with, what mama needs to connect,etc. etc.), I forget all we have done and are doing.

My world today is quiet, thoughtful and filled with teamwork.  What is your world filled with today?