Santa Suit with Mission Elf 2019 overlay
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What is Mission Elf?

Mission:  Elf is our version of a Giving Tree, specifically benefiting military and veteran families.  What began as a book club outreach for kids at Christmas has exploded over the years.  In 2019, we had an amazing head elf, in the form of Facebook, telling our story through a series of commercials, pop up shops and elf workshops all over the country.

The first Elf workshop occurred in the Carolinas, with news coverage and Facebook sponsored wrapping materials.  In the next ten days, we had a mixture of Facebook sponsored workshops and MMN sponsored workshops.  We hosted over 15 elf workshops when all was said and done.  Two local chapters were able to hand deliver Mission:  Elf gifts to several families. We will definitely do it again next year, with plans of expanding our elf workshops to several additional states.

Growth over the years

Our first year, we sent gifts to 7 children.  That first year, the gifts were mainly books since the idea for Mission:  Elf was from our book exchange mama.  We are thrilled with both the recipient’s joy and our continued growth in supporting families in need for Christmas.   In 2019, we sent gifts to over 450 kids representing 115 families.