So in my normal everyday life I’m an Army recruiter (I know, I know) and because of that I have seen the Army try to do some downright shady things. When those things happen at my level it usually involves a Future Soldier who failed to read the print. I have a young woman who is supposed to ship out today, she had a qualifying ASVAB and a good physical. In  exchange for quick shipping in what ended up being 14 days the Army offered a 10k bonus. She took it and all seemed well. Today MEPS is trying to say she is not entitled to the bonus because of her ASVAB score being less than 50. 

It’s important to understand how MEPS works, they are their own thing. Yes those guys are wearing uniforms for their particular service but they don’t answer to us. Instead they only answer to the secretary of defense.

So of course my girl is mad because she feels like we lied to her and that is understandable. The issue is the fine print. It says VERY specifically on the reservation sheet that additional things may be needed and you must meet all qualifications. Here is a picture of the statement for reference:

So what does remaining qualified mean? It means you need to not screw around and mess yourself up. If you sign a contract understand it. Be aware of what you need to do so that you understand how to get your money. Going back to my girl today she changed her ship date from its original day back a week to today, because of that MEPS asserts it is not her first contract and thus is no longer eligible for her bonus. We requested an exception to get her 10k paid and am waiting to hear back. 

Moral of the story trust, but verify. 

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