Tina is a Navy veteran who has breast cancer and now heart and other medical complications as a result of her cancer treatment.  Tina has also been homeless-in Hawaii- for 12 months as of next week!

It’s hard to believe, but Tina underwent all of her cancer treatment while living in her car.  This just cannot go on any longer.  She has exhausted ALL VA services and shelter services, nothing was available to her….and there remains no shelter, no accommodation, no funding, no assistance.

Tina contacted an advocate on Monday evening because she was having a heart procedure (the next morning) and the VA re-confirmed that they have no shelter, accommodation and no funding for her.  Her only option was to ‘return to her car’ to recover from a procedure that medically REQUIRED her to lay flat for more than 24 hours!

Here is a link to the phone call between Tina and the VA.


We can work together to get her well, back on her feet and making award winning TV again.


Tina’s procedure on Tuesday went well. She is  staying at a DAV facility, arranged by a member of her medical team who was so concerned for Tina’s well-being, the HE, NOT THE VA – arranged a room for her at this facility for three days, which will now be two.

From there, longer term accommodation for Tina for 3 months have been arranged; she can be checked-in there once her stay at the DAV facility is over.

Our mission is to gain community support to help cover the costs of this accommodation for Tina, so she rest, recover, heal and get back on her feet free from the stressors of she has suffered for so long.

Until you’ve been there, we can ever understand the anxiety with simply finding a bathroom, trying to find a shower, how to prepare a hot meal, will I be safe if I fall asleep?  Imagine how much worse it is with these health complications and her fragile physical state.

I want our partnership to end all of this worry, uncertainty, and insecurity for Tina.

It’s clear that the system has failed Tina, and it continues to fail her. She met the VA Secretary Robert McDonald on his recent trip to Hawaii – he and his staff know of her plight, yet they have done NOTHING.  Her advocate also spoke with the VA Secretary and have been in email contact with his office – as late as Monday night – to plead that they provide her accommodation or fund an alternative, yet, again, NOTHING.

We are a non-profit committed to supporting veterans and their families in need.  We may not be able to fix all that ails Tina, but we can make her comfortable, safe and surrounded by our love.


I am blown away by the amazing work that the Military Mama Network have done to support Staff Sergeant Kelly Moore’s family and I know in my heart that this organization is one (as well as USVETS6!) that I would like to establish a professional partnership with to help veterans when the ‘system’ has failed them.   I’d like to establish an immediate partnership with your organization to help Tina – if you’re able to help – so that we can get her some much needed community support and demonstrate that we care.

We can help everyone, by helping one veteran in need at a time.

I have the chance to promote your wonderful work and company on the radio tomorrow and hope that you can provide the administrative support to receive the donations and forward them to the accommodation facility.


The accommodation I have arranged for Tina is an awesome facility, essentially a bachelor apartment, and has all the basic necessities (bathroom, bed, fridge, freezer, tv, wifi, laundry). The management are phenomenally supportive, and want to help with Tina but I can’t publicly announce the location, nor can I give their number for people to make donations over the phone.

They can accommodate Tina for the next three months.

As Tina’s stay, is longer and costs a lot more than my friends have the ability to fund ourselves, we wanted to reach out to the community for help, but also to let people know that the system is not working when it is treating our most vulnerable veterans this way.



They have a $2 rate rise on 1 October, so the new rate has been used.


Sat 26 September – 13 October:   $71 per night = $980

13 October – 13 December:  $39 per night = $3,510

TOTAL – $4,490


I would like our goal to be to aim for $5,500 so Tina may have a bit extra to cover some bills and necessities.  Can you help this VERY AT RISK VETERAN??

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