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1. Geriann Hanley Wiesbrook founded MilitaryMamaNetwork in June, 2013
2. It all started when she was sending care packages to her son in the Army, then to others in her son’s unit who were in need.

3. The demand kept growing so on 9/11/13 she created a FB group with other Military Moms to help more military with even bigger problems.

4. It has now grown to a Non-Profit Organization with over 16,000 members in just 4 short years!!

5. The leadership team works tirelessly; Geriann works full time and receives NO financial compensation whatsoever.

6. 100 {9ffa98477ad9ae5230ceaf88023fa42cd91068973d6dcf54237a48e4b0f07a7d} of the the military/veteran/family recipient in need receives benefits at no cost to them. 

7. People can donate at will, OR, be a “Mission Sponsor” with any amount given on a monthly basis! See this website/donate tab for your next step. 

8. Your donation is tax deductible.  

9. Like to shop Amazon? You can choose MilitaryMamaNetwork as your “smile” charity and a percentage of your purchase will be donated to Military Mama Network! We can even set up an “Amazon store” for you so a percentage of your purchases are donated that way too!

10. MilitaryMamaNetwork is filled with amazing women who arranged 20,000 cards to be sent to soldiers; helped the Marines when they got stranded in floods; helped a family bring their stillborn baby home for burial; arranged for a fallen veteran to be buried with dignity while taking care of the family; helped rehab a deployed Marine’s house when hit by hurricane, saved Christmas for 300+ Army children, and is definitely a network you should be involved with!