Winner 2019 Military Mama Network Mother’s Day Contest
Winner: Theresa Hanley Magyarics, Navy Hospital Corpsman 1981-1987 Navy Veteran
Nominated by: Lindsay Doran, Patrick Doc Doran her Children.
Lindsay and Patrick are so proud of their mom and had this to say about her and her service.

Lindsay says…I am forever grateful for my mom’s service.
I am who I am today because she was in the Navy.
The Navy taught my mom discipline, strength, courage, confidence and so much more! My mom served in the Navy without cell phones, internet, computers…her only contact when she missed her family was written mail sent half way around the world. If I am ever in need of anything she helps me, and with out her service I wouldn’t be here bragging about her.

Patrick had the following to say…I feel proud. She did it when they didn’t want females in the military. She did it when they had sexual harassment. She did it when they didn’t have half the services we do now. I feel so proud of her service.

Congratulations Theresa and Happy Mother’s Day.

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