Winner of the 2019 Military Mama Network Mother’s
Contest: Rebecca Ollison, Active duty Army Sergeant
Nominated by her mom and member
Polly Neely Ollison
Polly is so very proud of the young mom her daughter is, and shared the following with us:

Rebecca is an old soul, she followed her brother (Active Duty, West Point) by surprising her parents and enlisting into the Army right out of high school, training as a mechanic on Black Hawk Helicopters, she then moved quickly up the ranks and responsibilities by flying search and rescue missions. Rebecca currently is flying special duty in and out of Washington DC. Rebecca became a mom in January, welcoming Elijah into her life. My daughter is the calmest new mother I have ever seen, she has help from her boyfriend but is her sons primary caretaker.
Congratulations and Happy Mother’s Day
Rebecca Ollison

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