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Spring has sprung and here on the East Coast the rush begins to prepare for summer.  We crawl out of our winter gear, shake off the dark and look forward to the refreshing changes of the season.

Keeping in mind that change has the opportunity of happening on a daily basis, and knowing we in this group are Military Minded and want to serve, help, support…lets think of ways we can Change the lives of those Military members Active or Veteran who need us!


Even before becoming a Military Mom I was in the habit of contacting my Local Elected Officials, I’ve always felt, if they need me to vote for them, I need them to hear me, help me.  I contact my newly elected local officials, from Municipal, County and State Levels, to National level.  I don’t make it long…I don’t make it political…I just introduce myself as a constituent, I briefly explain my family and one or two major concerns and then I ask how they stand on those concerns. Pretty simple, and I’ve always gotten a response…  “I’m a Military Mom, I have a Veteran Son, My son relies on Veteran Administration Care”…simple non complicated statements…just ask how they feel.  And if you don’t agree with them, you might then want to take the conversation to the next step and call their office, or follow up with another letter or email.  It’s an easy way to support our Military and also get to know how our government work. You can find the contact information for your State at  http://www.gov.com/statelocal/

Let MMN know how your experience works out!

Free Stuff…

I don’t know about you, but I am always amazed at the Free Stuff you can get, sometimes its useful, sometimes its clutter…don’t just discard it, donate it!  I keep a running box of shampoo, body wash, toothpaste and other toiletries that I either get from Hotels, or samples or even coupon deals…when I have a full box I drop it off at my local Veterans Affairs office, I luckily have one right down the street but you may have to locate yours, call first and introduce yourself and MMN and let them know your wish to donate some unused items, I am sure they can find a use for them.  I add in socks that can be universal male/female and I always have one or two of those Free T Shirts from events…lanyards, hats, work gloves…keeping it small.  Many times your local VA Office won’t have storage room so if it’s too big they will turn away, so keep it small and simple.


is ALWAYS looking for those who can send boxes to our Active Duty military…we have ongoing means of donation and we have emergent need requests that go out…watch our page, sign up for the ongoing box drives. Check out the menu on our website and look for the Box and Card section.

And our Veterans always need you…

As a newer Veteran mom I realized right away that once your loved one is out of the Military the world is a different place for them.  It’s a more complicated life, hinged on many aspects they can’t anticipate or control.  It’s a frustrating maze that changes with each Government administration and very rarely are our Veterans “kept in the loop” meaning, they sometimes can’t keep up with the changing information. They may experience lapses in coverages, or payments…rent and car payments etc don’t wait, and may not be understanding of the issues facing our Veterans.  Lend a hand when you can, lend an ear or a shoulder, more important  listen!  An overwhelmed and emotional person sometimes doesn’t make the best decisions and sometimes a stranger just listening helps to clear a cloudy mind.  If you have the time volunteer at your local Legion Hall, Veterans Group Home, if you are not sure what resources your local community may have in place contact your County or State Veterans groups and ask, they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.  A few hours a month can make a huge difference.  If you live in a Community that supports a lot of local interaction and activities contact your town or local administration and ask that they remember to include the Veterans, not just the Senior Citizen Veterans but All the Veterans in your community.  Speak for those who might not know how to speak for themselves.

As always I leave you with this, MMN would love to hear your comments or questions regarding our stories, it’s a pleasure to serve our Military and we are dedicated to sharing our passion.